Wp1 Management

Objectives and approach

Objective: Management of the entire project, setting-up and implementation of effective management structures and processes.

Approach : A proper project management structure will be set up. Tools and procedures, such as a consortium agreement, review procedures for deliverables, regular meetings, will be developed and used for quality control of project work well as for effective internal and external communication

Tasks, Responsible partner

Task 1.1: Project management, RRD

This concerns coordination of the overall project planning and monitoring, progress reports, cost statements, budgetary overview and reviews. For this a management structure will be set up consisting of a Project Consortium Committee (PCC) and a Project management Committee (PMC) consisting of Work Package Managers (WPMs) and the project manager (PM). T he PMC confers at regular intervals to review the progress of the project. In the first month a consortium agreement will be set up and signed by each partner in the project addressing issues like confidentiality, IPR and payment arrangements. In addition six meeting are foreseen for the whole project consortium to discuss the progress.

Task 1.2 Quality assurance; RRD

This task handles quality assurance during the project uses special developed procedures concerning review of deliverables, decision processes, responsibilities for WPs, conflict resolution and risk management.

Task 1.3 Reporting; RRD

This task will assure the 6 month management reports and the project progress reports, which will contain an overview of the activities carried out by the consortium during that period, a description of progress toward the objectives of the project, a description of progress towards deliverables foreseen, the identification of the problems encountered and corrective action taken. In addition, a justification of the resources deployed by each contractor, linking them to activities implemented and justifying their necessity; financial statements provided by each contractor for that period will be given.


D1.01 Consortium Agreement (T0+3)

D1.02 6 month Management report (T0+6, T0+12, T0+18)

D1.03 Progress reports (T0+9, T0+18)

D1.04 Final Report – confidential (T0+18)

D1.05 Final Report – public (T0+18)

Contribution to Project Objectives

The WP 1 is the basis for successfully carrying out the project and achieving the envisaged results. It assures that project work will be carried out meeting the highest possible quality standards and that the status of project work is reported and made transparent to the Commission and the public