Wp2 Service needs assessment and implementation

Objectives and approach

Objective: C omplete implementation and support of the MyoTel service in the four different Center of Excellence (CoE)

Approach: In the first month, service needs assessment will be performed for each CoE from a technical and organisation point of view and taking the applicable national regulations into account. In the next two months, the service will be adapted to the specific needs. During the third month, the MyoTel service is implemented at each CoE (trial) site. During the first three months of the trials, problems reported with the service may be fixed. Until the eight month of the project, minor technical improvements and bug fixes to the MyoTel service may be deployed at each CoE. In the third month a helpdesk will be developed that supports the validation trial. Also an education module will be developed and professionals teams will be trained to be able to provide the service

Tasks; Responsible partner

T2.1. Technological needs assessment; UT/CTIT

This task identifies and records end-user (i.e. healthcare practitioner) MyoTel service requirements for pilot runs: e.g. type of service (e.g. monitoring (which physiological data to convey), storage (monitoring data), alarm (alarm button) and real time viewing of monitor data), precision of monitoring service, service availability (24/7 availability of 99.9% measured over a week)

T2.2. Organisational needs assessment; UGOT

This task starts with an analysis of the whole chain of current care provision in the rehabilitation care and occupational health care systems in the different countries. As it is expected that organisation and regulations of systems is different between the two care chains and between the country, the needs assessment will be performed for each chain and for each CoE. Total chains will be analysed from the care professionals involved, the way of admission of a subject to a treatment, the treatment itself till the payment of the service. Using this as starting point the most realistic organisation of the tele-treatment service will be developed and implemented for providing the service during the trials and based on this, requirements for the service infrastructure ill be defined.

T2.3. Adaptations to the application, the M-Health Service Platform and implementation of the MyoTel service; UT/CTIT

This task ensures that the MyoTel service and (supporting) infrastructure are configured and where needed adapted according to the needs identified in T2.1. To implement the service at the trial site locations a site survey of the telecommunications infrastructure will be conducted.

T2.4. Education of the professionals; RRD

The focus of this task is to develop and implement an education module, which aims at training the health care teams how to work with tele-treatment service. The training will focus on underlying principles of the myofeedback treatment, the content and how to apply the standardized treatment protocols, the fitting and adjustment of the equipment and the remote consultation as well as the technology of the service. The training will take place according to train the trainer principle. This ensures that knowledge will be sustained and disseminated to new professionals in each country after the project. During the training the education module will be evaluated and results will be feed backed .

T2.5. Setting up a functional helpdesk to support the trials; UT/CTIT

This task will create and man a helpdesk, which will be integrated into the project website, to support the trials. This web-based helpdesk contains protocols with technical instructions, protocols for problem handling, procedures for the fitting and adjustment of the equipment and FAQ. Support also includes maintenance of the BANs and networked server & 1 st and 2 nd line support during the pilot phase


D2.01 Technological and organisational needs assessment (T0+4)

D2.02 Education module of health care professionals (T0+4)

D2.03 Release and update of MyoTel service (T0+3 and T0+9)

D2.04 Deployment of helpdesk (T0+4)

Contribution to Project Objectives

This WP provides the necessary MyoTel service and the necessary infrastructures, which are adjusted and/or refined to the end-user needs which is a prerequisite to run the trials but also provides background information for the deployment report.