Wp4 Deployment

Objectives and approach

Objective: develop a deployment report for this teletreatment service that forms the bases for all further sustainable market deployment and implementation strategies.

Approach: This workpackage starts with development of scenarios concerning the maintenance of the service in both the health care and occupational care system. Based on this, relevant stakeholders will be defined and active involved in the subsequent development plans of the business cases

Tasks; Responsible partners

T 4.1 Scenario Development; UT

Scenario Development is the first step of Commercial Service Creation. An important aspect of this task is to perform a market analysis for the MyoTel service in the countries involved but also ideas registered by MyoTel members and stakeholders are gathered to be able to get the obligatory information to form realistic ideas about the desired Myotel portfolio. Interaction with patients and professionals is very important; they will play a role as “prosumer”. [Von Hippel, 2005]. After registration of an idea or information, an assessment will be performed to determine if the requested service item fits the desired service, and if it is justified and necessary to spend more time on investigating the attractiveness and feasibility of the service item. Based on the limited information available in this step, the assessment should provide an objective first opinion on the attractiveness, value and risks.

T 4.2 Service Qualification; UT

Within the Qualification step requirements for maintenance of the service are qualified for creation, typically based upon a business case for the best scenario. In addition accepted requirements (for customer value) will be translated into specifications and the development budget and other approved resources will be estimated. A business plan will be prepared. To support the Service Qualification step a “Business Case Template” will be made available. Techniques as Value Based Selling or Exploring for Value will be used.

T 4.3 Service Development Plan; UT

During Service development planning, the third and last part of Commercial Service Creation, the qualified Service plan is defined. This includes the documentation, methods, tools and training material that are required to sell, deliver, deploy and monitor the MyoTel Service. At the end of this step the MyoTel Service can be implemented for Delivery.


D4.01 Description of the service/deployment strategy (T0+2)

D4.02 Market analysis (T0+4)

D4.03 Draft and Final Business and Deployment strategy (T0+ 9 and T0+17)

D4.04 Trans European Dimension (T0+3)

D4.05 Harmonisation, Interoperability and Standard (T0+9)

Contribution to Project Objectives

This WP bridges the gap between validation and market deployment and ensures that the validation activities are really well targeted towards the market opportunities and match them. After the end of the validation phase, the deployment report will be the basis for putting the validated teletreatment service successfully into the market . Due to the strong involvement of all key actors of the service chain, dissemination to the industrial and medical communities will mainly be a result of this workpackage.