Wp5 Dissemination and implementation

Objectives and approach

Objectives : communication and dissemination of the results of the project outcomes to the medical, scientific and industry communities.

Approach : a website will be developed, including support for the service providers and patients, and updated at least every three months, subsequently reporting the main results achieved by the project during that time period, a flyer will be developed, two specialised workshops will be organized. One held in conjunction with the second technical meeting (M9) aiming at business modelling. The second (M18) concerns the results of the validation trials and deployment report. In addition demonstrations and workshops will also be organised at specific conferences and events.

Tasks; responsible partner

T5.1. Flyer and Website development and update; RRD

RRD will develop the flyers for all partners including taking care of the necessary translation for the different countries

T5.2. Organisation of workshops and conferences: UT , RRD 2nd

Two dissemination workshops will be organised.

  • UT will organise a workshop held in conjunction with the second technical meeting (M10) and will especially aim at business modelling. This workshop is especially meant for the industrial community
  • RRD will organise the workshop at the end of the project which has the main focus on the results of the validation trials and deployment report. This workshop focuses especially on the medical and scientific communities.

T5.3 Demonstrations and presentations at relevant congresses and in relevant journals; RRD


D5.01 Presentation of the Beneficiaries, Project Web site and project logo (T0+2)

D5.02 Dissemination strategy (T0+3)

D5.03 Dissemination of the service (flyer) (T0+6)

D5.04 Proceedings of first workshop (T0+10)

D5.05 Proceedings of second workshop (T0+18)

Contribution to Project Objectives

This Workpackage contributes to effective communication which is very important for further deployment of the service.